Saturday, June 8, 2013

My Videos Spotlighting Detroit, MI

Tanya Britt is eyesonuphoto art
June 8, 2013

I have been featuring my videos of Detroit, MI in my articles for a while now.  If you missed them, check out my Youtube Channel.

The Youtube channel has been given a new layout and format that I do not particularly care for, but I've discovered that most of these online sites do not care what the user prefers.  They make changes without notice and without giving the users any choice in the changes.
I guess "the customer is always right" is a thing of the past. It has changed to, "the customer has no right".  Heehee! Sad but true.

Here are two of my most recent uploads on to Eyesonuphoto Art's Channel

Greektown Views, Detroit, MI

Eastern Market, Detroit MI

What I have been up to in 2013

June 8, 2013

Tanya Britt is eyesonuphoto art
It has been some time since I posted, so let me catch you up. =)

I graduated from Wayne State University on May 9, 2013. Yea!!  I now have a  Fine Art Bachelor's in Photography with a Minor in Media Arts.

In May, I was also diagnosed with a serious illness, but my prognosis looks good. Treatment will begin soon, and I have a several difficult weeks a head of me this Summer.

I am excited about my new series on, "Meet The Artist".  My title is Detroit Life in Photos which is categorized under  Detroit Neighborhoods and  Places and Faces, allows me to spotlight local artist.  Places and Faces is such a broad title I may venture into spotlighting International artists that I admire.

A few of my latest featured article links

Thanks to those who have been following my examiner articles. =)