Friday, February 1, 2013

Happy 2013!!! It's proving to be a very interesting year so far!

Where does the time go? It is already February 1, 2013!

Quick update. I was so busy with classes during the Fall of 2012, I did not have time to post.  I also haven't updated my official website,

I am still writing for, when I have time, and I am still trying to complete my BFA in Photography at Wayne State University. I have one stumbling block I have to deal with this year.

I aced my Critical Thinking Course; This was unexpectedly difficult. Truth Tables? Hun?  What's that? Very confusing stuff.  Never thought of 'Critical Thinking' as turning sentences into math problems!!!

The following info is from Wikipedia.

Truth table for most commonly used logical operators
Here is a truth table giving definitions of the most commonly used 6 of the 16 possible truth functions of 2 binary variables (P,Q are thus boolean variables):
P Q P \and QP \or QP \underline{\or} QP \underline{\and} QP \Rightarrow QP \Leftarrow QP \iff Q

Well I am that much closer to getting my BFA in photography with a minor in media arts.  I am more than ready for new adventures in 2013. :)

Now it is time to play catch up with my blog!