Monday, February 28, 2011

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 "Moe" shows of his art work.

Update from Saturday 2-26-11

As a group, we are making some progress with our Obama Project at Mariners Inn.  The atmosphere is full of camaraderie and smiles come easily. I have posted my photographs to document our project.
We had to retrace some steps because we ran into some snags with the dominoes not sticking to the board...but I think we are now on our way to making some headway.
Satuday there were lots of smiles and laughter among those paricipating.
Our team goes over the inital plans on day one.



Wednesday, February 23, 2011

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Carol Cook Reid is the creator and manufacturer of Pathway Patterns

Recently I had the opportunity to participate in a classroom (AH/HON 4240)activity hosted by Carol Cook Reid. Carol Cook Reid is the creator and manufacturer of Pathway Patterns. Pathway Patterns is marketed as a group activity with the main purpose of bringing people together in a joint aim at making and extending pathways with the use of colored squares. Check out the featured article at

The activity is composed of 4"x4" hand painted squares that have shapes that come together in a variety of ways. By combining these squares different pathways are joined and can extend for miles if done with the co operation of the person on either side of the table.

I personally found the activity enjoyable and it forced those who participated to come out of their shells and communicate with their neighbor. I think this is a great activity for family, friends, or as a solitary activity done at one’s leisure.
I would compare the process as something similar to making a quilt, but instead of using fabric one uses colored blocks of wood. The finished piece is an original design which can be glued to a board and hung as art. Hats off to  Carol Cook Reid for creating such a marvelous activity.
More photos can be found on

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Mariners Inn; A shelter and treatment center for the homeless
Mariners Inn
445 Ledyard
Detroit, MI 48201
Phone: 313-962-9446/
Fax: 313-962-6395

In my Art History Class AH440_5 the students are given the opportunity to use their time to bring art to different organizations in the community. I am privileged to participate in this class program. I have been assigned to volunteer my time at Mariners Inn. I recently featured the organization in one of  my articles click here to view.


The purpose of the organization

"The mission of Mariners Inn is to provide compassionate, professional treatment for homeless people and to assist them in gaining their independence, health, dignity and self-esteem.
 Everything we do focuses on preparing our clients to lead productive lives and prevent relapse. We work to achieve this mission through our programs. “~

At Mariners Inn my assigned team is currently in the process of working to assemble a portrait of Obama with dominoes. It is an amazing project that inspires team work, co operation, problem solving and communication among those participating. This project was previously done by a team at Children's hospital and I featured a photo of the completed work in an earlier blog.

Friday, February 4, 2011

I've found that online shopping can be addictive!

I've been updating my wardrobe over the past month and I have found that online shopping can be addictive! "When I'm lonely and when I'm discouraged" instead of calling some-one's name (like the group Switch) I check-out the sales online on the following websites; Macy's , Victoria Secrets, DSW and Urban Outfitters .

I leisurely browse the merchandise, and I add to my shopping cart, until I am very satisfied with my selections. Next I checkout, and I feel so much better about my life! I don't even have to leave the house or talk to people! And when the packages arrive it's just like Christmas but better 'cause I know there is a good chance  I will like what I get! Lol!  ;)

The song 'I Call Your Name' has nothing to do with this subject of online shopping but I like it so I have included the video.

Switch - I Call Your Name

"I used to think about immature things
You know like, do you love me? Do you want me?
Are you gonna call me like you said you would?
Is this really your real phone number?
But you know I'm a man now, baby, a grown man
And I came a long way, ha-ha
'Cause those fears taught me one thing
Taught me to hold on to my love}

I just can't help thinkin' livin' without you, baby
See, sometime
I just can't live cryin' about you, baby

I'm not worried 'bout a doggone thing
I'll take anything you bring
Although I love the sunshine
I'll still accept the rain
'Cause when I'm in my lonely mood
And I just can't be with you
I tried everything to occupy my mind
But there was no substitute

Thinking all that life would be
When you're not around
I just could not find a way
I wouldn't even know up from down
But since I've had you in my life
All these can be found
So strong and true, baby
All comin' from you

You, I call your name, girl
(Whenever I am lonely, baby)
I call your name
(When I feel the need of love)
I think of you and it eases the pain
Take away the strain...", Lyric

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I recently discovered the music of Ryan Farish

Ryan Farish has over 160 songs, available now from iTunes! His music is amazing. OMG! I just love what I have heard...I am amazed he doesn't have more of a following.  His instrumentals are uplifting and entrancing. If you haven't heard his sound you don't know what you are missing. Please take a moment and check out his tunes.

And of course there is my all time favorite...

If you like what you heard checkout his official channel on or follow the link